Who can join us?

I- The members of the Association (a recycling):  

Being the licence holder A, A1 or A2, being owner of a motorcycle and other hand being a public servant in one of the following authorities:
Within the Association applied the ranks and functions Attribues by the Council and not those awarded professionally.

II - assets (regular) members:

The spouse, the spouses (es) and their children.

III - friends members:

They are not public servants and/or are not part of the personnel in the jurisdictions cited for rights holders. They may not be A licensed and/or be the owner of a motorcycle.
They are necessarily assisted by a member of law. The latter will propose the candidacy of his godson to the Council which will validate his coming or not.

IV - honorary members:

The title is awarded only by the Council to the members who have rendered great Services to the Association. It may also be awarded to retired or disabled workers.

IV - supporting members (uncle / aunt):

The title is awarded only by the Council to the members bringing a support financial and/or material important to the Association.

The contribution Annual is 30 Euros for the Member and 15 Euros for the spouse / child.

Internal hierarchy

- Le Roockie : Nouveau membre. Période probatoire d'environ 6 mois permettant au Conseil d'évaluer le membre.

- Le  Membre ami.

- Le Gardien : Membre de Droit.

- Le/La Régulier(e) : Conjoint ou Enfant du Gardien.

- Le/La Secrétaire : Responsable des différents procès-verbaux de l'Association. Il tient également le registre des Délibérattions. Il est le lien entre les différentes Administrations et sections locales.

- Le Road Captain ou Capitaine de Route : Responsable de l'Organisation des sorties motos ainsi que toutes manifestations impliquant l'Association.

- Le Sergeant At Arms ou Sergent d'Arme : Responsable de la Sécurité des Sorties motos ainsi que de la Sécurité de toutes Manifestations impliquant l'Association.

- Le Trésorier : Responsable de la Régularité des Comptes et Soutien du Président.

- Le VP ou Vice-Président : Assiste et Conseille le Président. Il pourvoit au remplacement de ce dernier en son Absence ou sur sa demande.

- Le Président : Veille au Respect des Statuts et à la Sauvegarde des Intérêts moraux de l'Association. Il supervise la Conduite des Affaires de Legata.