The Head Office of our Association is located in Strasbourg.
We accept all brands and all models of motorcycle. Engine size minimum 500 cm³.

We have as objectives:

-The collection of lovers of the world of the bike in different Administrations:
Prison (which we come), Police, customs and body of the French army.

-Rides motorcycles and longer tours. Discovery of no French and foreign.

-Awareness of members and the population around development improving road safety, behavior and the Cohabitation of the various road users.

-Contribute to the improvement of the image of the biker and various Administrations represented.
Inter-Associatives meetings having the same Passion for the motorcycle world.

-Members and the Population around solidarity and humanitarian awareness.

Our banner

The colors, banner or Logo of guardians consist of a Griffin.

This represents Vigilance, the Courage and wisdom. He is the guardian of Justice.

The acronym tied thes GArdiens of the yourlion means.

The banner is the property of the Association. It can be worn only by his assignees.

Whatever the Situation, the guardians of the retaliation must wear with Respect, honor and pride the colours representing the values that we stand for. They are the guarantee of the Image of our Association in the eyes of the Public.







The lowest will be always that we will protect first!